Spring Cleanse Sequence

Celebrate Spring with this sequence to release and clear what is no longer serving you in your life and begin to create more space for what will.

1. Standing Tadasana- welcoming hands to hearts centre and offering a positive intention towards your practice, bringing awareness towards something that is no longer serving you and allowing this energy to move out of the body creating more space for positivity.

2. Uttanasana (Forward Fold)-  Inhale as your guide both arms up over head, exhale as you bend forward moving into uttanasana forward bend. Soften your knees, release the neck and crown of head toward the floor.  Take 8-10 breaths here.

3. Utkatasana (Chair Pose)- On your next inhale lift your arms straight in front of you, bend your knees over the ankles, tuck tailbone down moving into Utkatasana (Chair Pose).

4.Revolved Chair Pose- Bring your palms of hands together take a breathe in and twist toward your right drawing your right arm back as you look back. Hold for 5 breathes coming back to centre and taking twist toward the left drawing left hand back.

5.Standing Backbend-  Inhale draw both arms up over head, palms of the hands come together and take a backbend, hips come forward press evenly through both soles of feet, guide hands behind you taking your gaze up towards the ceiling, hold for 5 breaths.

6.Forward Fold-  Exhale, extending both arms out and fall forward into forward fold.

7.Standing Tadasana-  Soften your knees, press evenly though both feet and draw the energy up from the earth as you bring your arms overhead, palms of hands come together and down to hearts centre.

Repeat sequence 2-4 times….  End with bringing your hands to hearts centre and take a closing breathe and a bow within.

Honouring yourself- body, mind, spirit.

Namaste x

Release Your WILD Side

Would you like to release more of your WILD SIDE?
Follow these steps to open your heart to exploring your inner Wild Thing, just waiting to come out and play.
This pose is a fun and wild combination of hip opening, balance, and backbend practices.

Step – by – Step

-Beginning in Downward facing dog

– Lower your hips and bring your shoulders over your wrists into plank pose

– On your next exhale, bring your right hand to the centre of your mat rolling onto the outside of your right foot stacking the feet on top of one another while extending your left arm straight up,  finding side plank pose

– Moving from side plank pose shift your left foot behind you keeping the knee slightly bent, placing the left ball of foot onto the mat

– Start softening the shoulders allowing the back to come into a backbend.

– Take a deep inhalation, let your left arm come up and over and release down towards the mat, allowing for a full expression across your hearts centre

– Continue to press down evenly through both feet, to find a sense of balance through your body

– Stay here and breathe for 5 full breaths

– To come out of the pose, gently release your left arm coming back to side plank, back to plank, downward facing dog, and releasing the low back ending in a child pose (Balasana).

Yoga, Motherhood, and Letting Go


Yoga has been in and out of my life for the last 10 years.  Sometimes I was practicing 3 times a week, and others not at all.

It wasn’t until the last 3 years that I began to really explore the option of becoming a yoga instructor, and becoming  a mother played a pivotal part in my yoga journey.

12 months after the birth of our daughter, Raven, I started down the path to become a Certified Yoga Instructor. (And, boy, I have not looked back!)

When you do any type of teacher training, you have the opportunity to learn so much about yourself. I have always said that even if I didn’t become an instructor that the knowledge, perseverance, and breakthroughs were worth every second of the experience.

But, as life unfolded, those very things lead me to create a life where  I am teaching yoga weekly.  I now get to share my love and passion with my students too- something that at times I often thought would never be possible. I developed belief in myself, and surrounded myself with people who support me , love me. From this space I continue to learn just how much the sky is the limit to any dream. I’m still racing towards that beautiful blue today.

I practiced and taught yoga through my entire pregnancy with our youngest daughter, Rio. This was a huge turning point for me. After not dealing with unhealed emotional issues,  and with the birth of our first daughter (a not so pleasant C-Section birth), we feared having another one with our second daughter, All I wanted and craved for was a “natural birth”.

I found the space in our second pregnancy to really look at the unhealed emotions that were coming up and began my healing by incorporating daily yoga into my life and setting positive affirmations for our pregnancy and birth.

Nine months later I naturally gave birth to our daughter Rio. I fully give credit to my amazing support team, but also to myself and my dedication to yoga and looking deeper within; taking time out to just breathe and move freely and to let go of the things that held me back.2015-07-02 10.54.19

Discovering my love and  passion for yoga has helped me through both  these tough and really great moments, all of them life changing.  I suffered from depression, unhealed emotions from my childhood and the later effects of this in my life. My yoga practice has been that one thing that is consistent and where I can truly let go, feel free, laugh, cry, and also to be at peace within myself.

I now take huge pride in sharing my story, and yoga practice. It is such an honour, and I am deeply grateful for those who share the creative space with me.  Space to create new beginnings and new futures as we learn from the past and allow ourselves to find peace in our present moments.

We are all a “work in progress”.

Honour your scars, wounds, hurt and emotions but also honour those blissful happy moments that keep each one of us going through this crazy, wild ride we call life.

Live your life to the fullest and embrace your life with passion.

Create a life you love, from the inside out.

One breath at a time.

Dana xx

August Winter Warmer Pose: Crescent Lunge

Cresent Lunge

Crescent Lunge can be a powerful way to build strength, balance, and concentration. As you practice this pose on a regular basis, you’ll create balance in all areas of your life. Finding ease in Crescent Lunge will allow you to establish the qualities of balance, grace, and power, even off the mat!

How to:

1.Begin in Downward Facing dog. On your next exhalation step your right foot forward inbetween your hands. Keeping a 90 degree bend in your right knee, so that it’s over your ankle.

2.Coming up onto the ball of your back foot, both feet are facing forward.

3.Lift your back leg up off the mat, begin to straighten completely pressing your heel back away from you body.

4. With your back leg strong and active, gently draw your left hip forward as you press your right hip back, squaring your hips so they are parallel to the top edge of your mat.

5. Inhale, lengthen through your torso and raise both arms up overhead. Palms of your hands face one another. You can gently tilt the head up and back toward the ceiling.

6. Begin to round your upper ribs in towards the center of your body, engage your core and lengthen up through crown of your head. Draw your shoulder blades firmly together at the top of your back. Hold for 5 full breathes.

7. Release your hands down framing your right foot and step your foot back to Downward facing dog, repeat on the other side.

Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo 2015

ana forrest & danaWe have just returned from a long weekend of filling our souls with yoga, meditation & music.  Wow!  What a wonderful experience to be surrounded by so many other like minded people sharing our same love and passion for yoga and life. Dana had the honor in meeting Ana Forrest aa international pioneer of yoga while taking Ana’s back bending & inversion class over the weekend.  We will for sure be hanging out for Wanderlust 2016!