Triangle Pose Variation

2016-04-06 19.58.18

Welcome to Triangle Pose!

First, please begin by warming up with 3-5 Sun Salutations of your choice to get the blood flowing and the muscles warm.

  • Take 3 breathes in Downward Facing Dog before stepping your left foot forward in between your hands
  • Swivel your back foot down towards the mat
  • Inhale as you lift both arms up inline with your shoulders
  • Create a base with your legs and hips, open your hips, straighten your left leg
  • Extend both arms in line with your shoulders, inhale as you grow long through the spine exhale as your reach your left hand forward as far as you can away from you body while reaching your right hip back
  • Once you find extension begin to welcome your left hand down to your shin or a block, extend your left arm up stacking the shoulders palm of hand facing away from you
  • Feel free to stay here in Triangle Pose or welcome the variation
  • Variation- Lift your left arm away from the floor or any prop imagine you are drawing your left shoulder, arm inline with your left hip, draw your right arm down palm of hands facing one another and take 5 breathes here before softening your left knee, placing both hands down and stepping back into Downward Facing Dog and repeating on the other side